...to Projeto Arapaima's new homepage, we hope it will be a useful tool and complement for both, all our customers worldwide and for the public to be a good source of general information about ornamental fishes origin from Brazil. Our homepage is still in its initial stage and will be updated and developed continuously with new information regularly. Our goal is to make the site interesting and informative for everybody dedicated to keep and learn about tropical fishes from Brazil.

We thank you for visiting our site and if you have any special request or questions, feel free to send us an email and we will respond as soon as possible.


Projeto Arapaima

Is the leading exporter in Brazil of Ornamental Fish, our specialty are Plecos, Stingrays and other rare species of fish. Established in Belém at the mouth of the great Amazonas River with suppliers and with fishermen covering more or less the whole Brazil, we are able to offer many special species of fishes. We offer our worldwide customers the best service, quality and price of tropical fishes. Our philosophy is good customer care, professional and an honest relationship with our customers to fulfil their needs and requirements.

We are always striving for high quality standards and our facility with more than 800 aquariums, 70 large concrete/epoxy ponds and 40 plastic ponds all with biological filtration are under constantly development. Water treatment is of high importance to maintain a high quality in our facility, we filter and treat the incoming water to obtain the optimal water parameters, and we use controllers to maintain the correct pH and conductivity.

Since the beginning of this year we use solar energy to obtain the correct water temperature in all our systems, we strive to improve all parts in our company to become as environment friendly as possible. We have also under the last years start several breeding projects of rare species of fishes and our expectations for the future are to be able to offer rare species that are normally not permitted for export as wild caught, our objective is to create a sustainability as an exporter for the future together with our customers.